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1)  Azim Premji ,  IT Czar, Philanthropist, Chairman of WIPRO receives the Asian Business Awards in the U.K. .  More information use the  ‘SEARCH’ feature using the keywords ‘Azeem Premji’ and or ‘Wipro’ or view the ‘Posts of November 05, 2013’.

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  1. I came across the news in the newspaper stating the CBSE schools should not charge higher fees.Iam writing this letter to bring to your attention that all CBSE schools of Mangalore are charging too much from the parents.Many parents take loan and pay the fees.I want to raise voice against this issue , as many parents in fear don’t raise their voice thinking that their children would be treated badly in school and are forced to pay the fees demanded by school authorities.Some of the schools I can list below are where yearly fees is 25000 –

    Gonsaga School ,

    Nazareth School ,

    Lourdes School , and many other schools

    Also in some of the schools ,there are not well versed faculties.

    Please do make the needful and relieve the parents from such heavy fees structures.Let all schools give in written the fees structure (which they dont do ) according to actual draft fees structure decided by the Govt.

    Kindly strictly check all the schools and take contact numbers of all the parents of the school and cross check with them regarding fees and make an ammendment with a final conclusion.

  2. This message for Min. Tanveer Sait I am an NRI living in USA born in Raichur planning to come back and spend rest of my life in Raichur. I did buy couple residential plots in 2015 legally but recently I came to know somebody put in temporary car sheds in my property I have complained to City Municipality they assured me they will be removed in the month of June 2016 so far there is no action the sheds are still there.
    Please help me I will produce all the documents like proof of registration, mutation via a representative when you are in Raichur.

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