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Dance ballet to help Lucknow find connect with Wajid Ali Shah


Lucknow :

A tribute to Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, a patron of classical dance and music, is set to come in the form of a dance ballet with the city witnessing its first Kathak on sufi qawwali. ‘Rang’, the hour-long dance ballet is directed by Muzaffar Ali and would feature at the fourth edition of the Annual Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Festival to be performed at Dilkusha Garden on February 14.

This year’s edition of the festival that is organised by the Rumi Foundation and supported by UP tourism department happens to fall on UP Tourism Day too. The ballet would be performed by Anuj Mishra of the Lucknow gharaana. It would depict the Nawab’s emotional conflict while he left his motherland for Matiaburj along with ten thousand followers.

The dance ballet is inspired by the compositions of the nawab. Other attractions of the evening would be Kathak performances from the Lucknow and Delhi gharanaas and Oddissi on sufi qawwali.

Speaking about the event, Ali said, “Wajid Ali Shah was perhaps the only Avadh ruler who promoted Lakhnawi culture. He was a learned man himself and was well versed in dance and poetry. Thus, this event is a tribute to the Nawab. It’s just a small effort to showcase the talent of the person. And also to make people aware of their rich heritage and carry the legacy forward through the festival.

“The youth today believes in taking life easy. They believe in instant gratification. Unko azaadi ki pehli jung aur Wajid Ali Shah ki baatein kahaaniyan lagti hain. So, the focus of the youth has to be put in the right place first,” said a member of the Young Rumi Forum.

source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / News> City News> Lucknow News / TNN / February 12th, 2017

India recalls Hazrat Mahal’s role in freedom struggle

Uttar Pradesh (India) / Kathmandu (Nepal) :

Kathmandu : (PTI) 

India today said Begum Hazrat Mahal, who had rebelled against British colonial rule in the country in 1857-58, will always be remembered for her contribution in India’s freedom struggle and described her as a “source of inspiration”.

Recalling Begum’s contributions towards the freedom movement of India, India’s Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae laid a wreath on her tomb to commemorate her 137th death anniversary here.

“We must remember her with great honour as she has been a source of inspiration for us all,” Rae said.

Begum of Awadh and the first wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who was one of the heroes of freedom struggle of 1857, died on April 7, 1879 during her refuge in Nepal.

Noting that Mahal was one of the freedom fighters of the first freedom movement of India, Rae said she had always been remembered for her contributions in India’s freedom struggle.

He also offered to provide necessary assistance to protect and preserve one and a half century old Hazrat Mahal tomb located in the heart of Kathmandu.

“Hazrat Mahal has been a symbol of age old tie between Nepal and India,” Rae said.

Begum fiercely fought the British East India Company during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58, with the help of her commander Raja Jailal Singh. When her forces regained power of Lucknow for a brief stint, her son Brijis Qadra was declared ruler of Awadh.

When the forces under the command of the British re-captured Lucknow and most of Awadh, she was forced to retreat. She then took refuge in Kathmandu along with 10-year-old Qadr and some other loyal supporters.

Begum’s rebellion was ignited by the demolition of temples and mosques by the East India Company to make way for roads.

source: http://www.ptinews.com / Press Trust of India (PTI) / Home> International / by Shrish B Pradhan / Kathmandu – PTI,  April 07th, 2016