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World record? 191 tumours removed from Omani woman’s uterus at Kerala hospital

Kozhikode, KERALA :

A doctor at the hospital said they performed the operation in four hours without removing the patient’s ovaries or uterus. The previous record was held by an Egyptian woman, who had 186 tumours removed from her body last December.

Mediapersons interview the medical team that conducted the surgical procedure. (HT Photo)
Mediapersons interview the medical team that conducted the surgical procedure. (HT Photo)

As many as 191 benign tumours were removed from the uterus of an Omani woman at a private hospital in Kozhikode, north Kerala, on Saturday.

Doctors at the city’s Starcare Hospital claimed this was a new world record. They said the previous one was held by an Egyptian woman, who had 186 tumours removed from her body last December.

Dr Abdul Rashid, the hospital’s chief gynaecologist, told Hindustan Times they performed the operation in four hours without removing the patient’s ovaries or uterus. “We blended keyhole and traditional mechanisms to do it. We were expecting 80-odd tumours, not so many,” he said, adding that the woman was now recuperating from the procedure.

The existing record in the country is 84 tumours.

Dr Rashid said the hospital will soon update Guinness World Records authorities on the development. “We did not operate on the 34-year-old woman to break any record. We had initially considered laparoscopic surgery, but decided against it when we realised that the tumour was really big,” he added.

A team of three doctors had performed the surgery.

The chief gynaecologist said a leading medical body has already confirmed that this was a unique case. “The woman seemed to be in an advanced stage of pregnancy when she first came here, but we were keen on protecting her ovaries and uterus. She can now lead a normal life, and even conceive after a couple of years,” he added.

According to Dr Rashid, there has been a significant rise in middle-eastern patients visiting super-specialty hospitals in the state lately. “Our facilities are economical when compared to hospitals in the West, while keeping with similar standards. Kerala has always been a leading tourist destination, but it may soon become a medical hub too,” he said.

source: / Hindustan  Times / Home> India / by Ramesh Babu – Hindustan Times, Thiruvananthapuram / November 19th, 2017

Jaipur: This Kayamkhani family is all IAS, IPS and RAS


Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain

Jhunjhunu’s Nuan village can easily be dubbed nursery of civil servants. This village of Kayamkhani Muslims has three IAS, one IPS and five RAS from a single family. Former union minister and an army officer Captain Ayyub Khan also belongs to this village.

Recently, this tiny village got an IAS officer in Zakir Hussain whose elder brother, Ashfaq Hussain is already an IAS officer. Their elder brother Liaqat Ali Khan is retired IPS officer. The villagers erupted with joy when they got the news of Zakir’s success who is 10th civil servant in the family. He was officer of accounts service who has now been promoted to IAS. His wife Wasim Bano who had come to her parents home said, she was very happy after her husband’s promotion. Her father engineer, Akhtar Hussain said that everyone was happy and proud of his son- in- law.

This is perhaps the first instance in the state’s bureaucracy that two brothers are serving as IAS at the same time. Zakir’s brother, Ashfaq is also IAS and posted in the education department.

The extraordinary of this family begin with Hayat Muhammed Khan who served in the army. He ensured that his children get education and create a niche for themselves.

Three of his five sons are IAS and one is IPS. One is retired from the education department. Farah Khan, his granddaughter and daughter of IAS Ashfaq Hussain is officer of Indian Revenue Service (IRS); she recently got married to IAS Qamar-ul Zaman Choudhary, while Shaheen Ali Khan, the grandson of Hayat Khan and son of retired IG Liaqat Ali Khan is, RAS. Shaheen’s wife Monika is Dy. SP in the jail department.

Children of Hayat Khan’s daughter Salim and his wife are both RAS. Hayat Khan’s younger brother Abdul Samad’s son Zaki Ahmed Khan was colonel in the army and his children Shaqib and Ishrat are also colonel in the army.

Liaqat Ali Khan, retired IPS. He was also chairman of the Waqf board.

Ashfaq Hussain, promoted from RAS to IAS. He was Dausa collector and currently posted in education department.

Zakir Hussain, joint secretary in the accounts service promoted to IAS.

Farah Khan, IRS, daughter of IAS Ashfaq Khan

Shaheen Ali Khan RAS currently posted in EGS (NREGA) as additional director. He is son of retired IPS Liaqat Ali Khan. His wife Monika is Dy SP in jail department.

Salim Khan, RAS is secretary in Madrasa Board. He is son of Liaqat Ali’s sister Akhtar Bano. His wife Sana Siddiqi is assistant settlement officer in the secretariat.

Qamar Ul Zaman IAS is married to daughter of IAS Ashfaq Khan and his wife Farah is IRS.

Javed RAS belongs to Nuan and currently posted in Alwar and married to daughter of Liaqat Ali’s sister.


The extraordinary feat of this family began with Hayat Muhammed Khan who served in the army. He ensured that his children get education and create a niche for themselves. Three of his five sons are IAS and one is IPS. One is retired from education department.

source: / DNA – Daily News & Analysis / Home> India News> Jaipur News / by Sandip Khedia / November 14th, 2017

Youngest headmaster Babar Ali in Mysuru on November 14

Murshidabad,  WEST BENGAL :

Babar Ali
Babar Ali

The youngest headmaster Babar Ali will take part in a session, organised to mark Children’s Day by city-based Learners PU College in association with All India Corporate Council for Skill Development (AICCSD), at Kalamandira on November 14 at 5 pm.

Babar Ali, who was born in 1993, started his teaching career when he was nine-year-old and became headmaster in a school in West Bengal when he was 16. The biography of Ali has been included in the pre-university English textbook, published by Karnataka state government.

English teachers, students of class X and PUC can attend the event. Interested people can register by sending SMS along with the name to 99169 33202 or 99163 97939 or email to

source: / Deccan Herald / Home> District / DH News Service / Mysuru / November 11th, 2017

Bucketfuls of nourishment for the needy

Kolkata, WEST BENGAL :

Kolkata man aces rice bucket challenge with a record 39,000-kg contribution

Giving joy Kolkata rises to the challenge/ Usha Rai
Giving joy Kolkata rises to the challenge/ Usha Rai

Since 2014, a social initiative called ‘rice bucket challenge’ has given new meaning to philanthropy in India, and involves collecting and distributing this staple grain to the poor and needy.

The idea of the challenge is to get people to compete with one another in giving. Early this year, Mohammed Tauseef Rahman of Kolkata created a new record by distributing about 39,000 kg in five hours at the Ladies Park in Park Circus.

Started as an online social initiative by journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi in Hyderabad, the challenge began with ‘Likes’ and shares on Facebook. Tauseef took part in the first challenge in Kolkata in December 2014.

Last year he again distributed 19,000 kg of rice in association with the Kolkata-based NGO Tiljala Shed.

This year’s donation, his third so far, was the biggest, with online retailer Big Basket and seven to eight other local people contributing rice. Even as the distribution started, the contributions of rice kept coming in till the last minute. The queue of recipients seemed endless and there were hiccups like the polythene carry bags tearing under the weight of the rice — 5 kg a person. The recipients had been identified earlier and given a slip of paper each, which they produced on the day of distribution.

The rice bucket challenge was inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge started abroad by an association for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), to create awareness about the ailment and raise funds for further research. It involved pouring a bucket of ice cold water on a person’s head.

Rather than waste precious water, Kalanidhi turned the concept on its head by making the challenge all about raising donations of rice for the poor and hungry.

The Facebook page was launched on August 23, 2014, and received 7,000 likes within a day. The Twitter hashtag #ricebucketchallenge followed and, within a month, it had been tweeted 11,000 times.

The challenge also received extensive coverage in the mainstream media.

Kalanidhi says that as long as the concept reminds people to share, it serves its primary purpose.

Today, the Facebook page has over 65,000 followers and it recently helped raise more than 800 kg of rice for the Maa Illu Orphanage in Hyderabad.

In Kolkata, Tauseef handled the entire event and plans an even bigger one next year.

The writer is a senior journalist based in Delhi

source: / Business Line / Home> Specials> India Interionrs / by Usha Rai / November 03rd, 2017

Hussainsagar architect’s tomb loses land to squatters

Hyderabad, TELANGANA (Formerly ANDHRA PRADESH ) :

The stone and lime mortar tomb has been painted white in violation of conservation rules.(Pic: Syed Omar)
The stone and lime mortar tomb has been painted white in violation of conservation rules.(Pic: Syed Omar)

Hyderabad :

Hazrat Syed Khaja Hussain Shah Wali. The very mention of this revered name evokes spirituality and science. The saintengineer of the early Qutub Shahi period was responsible for the picturesque Hussainsagar that once irrigated vast stretches of green belts and quenched the thirst of thousands of people in the Hyderabad of yore. He also designed the Purana Pul, Hyderabad’s first bridge  across the Musi. With the unique distinction of witnessing the reign of three Qutub Shahi kings, Hussain Shah Wali also oversaw the execution of the world’s first food-for work programme.

Sadly, large parcels of prime land attached to the grand mausoleum, where his mortal remains are buried, have fallen prey to land sharks.The mausoleum once had about 2,000 acres, but today only a small portion is free of illegal occupation. Encroachments have come up all around the mausoleum in utter disregard to the city’s spiritual and engineering heritage. Even the road leading to the dargah (tomb) is not free of encroachments. As if this was not enough, those manning the dargah have whitewashed the tomb built of stone and lime mortar, thus robbing it of its original beauty. Earlier, the managing committee had painted the tomb green. This is in clear violation of conservation rules. Neither the state Waqf Board nor the archaeology department has taken cognizance of this blatant violation.

“Heritage sites built of stone and mortar are not to be whitewashed or painted. Cement is never used for restoration as it is like cancer to mortar. The tomb was built during the reign of Abdullah Qutub Shah VII. Bad and unscientific upkeep has made the structure weak,” said city historian Dr Mohammad Safiullah, demanding that the tomb be restored by the government on the lines of the Qutub Shahi tombs where experts from the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) are working.

Hussain Shah Wali was the son-in-law of Ibrahim Qutub Shah IV. He was the head of all civil works in the kingdom. He built Hussainsagar in 1562. The saint-engineer died in 1620 and the tomb was constructed later by Abdullah Qutub Shah VII.

source: / The Times of India / News> City News> Hyderabad News / by Syed Akbar / TNN / October 29th, 2017

A Tribute to Kalam – A R Rahman Musical | GV Mediaworks



Published on Oct 15, 2017

Here is a very special tribute from team Kootathil Oruthan to the one person who, Till date continues to inspire everyone with his words and deeds and raised India to its heights – Honorable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Lo and behold the magnificient murrahs of Telangana

Hyderabad, TELANGANA :


Eemaata, eemaata, yuvarajula sye aata… (What a delight it is, this dance of the princes…) Thus goes the popular song that best encapsulates the essence of Sadar festival aka Telangana’s very own ‘Dunnapothula Panduga’. Its English translation, ‘Buffalo Carnival of Telangana’ doesn’t quite have the same ring somehow. That’s besides the point though. For this festival is a celebration of the buffaloes — the ‘dancing princes’ that the aforementioned lines of the Sadar song extol. And the star attraction of this year’s festivities were the magnificent Murrah quartet — Raja, Dara, Maharaja and Shahenshah — each weighing well over 1,200 kilos!

As their proud handlers rave about the USP of these hulking bulls, your jaw drops in amazement. “The 4-year-old Raja weighs close to 1300 kg and is a 12-time National Livestock Champion. Maharaja, 6, from Chevella is a 6ft 2 inch-tall 1400-kg alpha male who makes for a breathtaking sight. Then there is Dara, son of the 24-time National Livestock Champion, Yuvraj, who’s fathered over 2,00,000 calves. Like his massive father, Dara tips the scales over 1,300 kgs. And the most expensive of them all is four-and-a-half year old Shahenshah who towers at a staggering 7 ft and weighs a whopping 1500 kilos,” say brothers Mahesh Yadav and Madhukar Yadav, organisers of the Sadar festivities which were held in Srinagar Colony on Friday night.

Bred and raised in Hyderabad, Shahenshah is hailed as the pride of Telangana by E Haribabu Yadav, state general secretary, All India Yadav Mahasabha. “Recently a buyer offered `25 crore to buy Shahenshah but his owner Ahmed Alam Khan refused to sell,” says Haribabu, adding, “Shahenshah was bred and groomed with the intention of beating the celebrated super bull Yuvraj of Hissar (Haryana),” says Haribabu who organised the Sadar festivities in Musheerabad on Saturday night.

And it seems like he’s already living up to expectations. Shahenshah recently entered the record books as the ‘World’s Most Expensive Bull’. “Shahenshah is one of the finest specimens of the murrah breed of buffalos that is ethnic to India. Standing 7 ft tall and 15 ft long, this bull is the pride of India,” says Suman Palle, CEO, High Range Book of World Records.

“The price of a bull is determined by the value of it’s semen which is much in demand. Each ejaculation fetches anywhere between `1,00,000 to `1,50,000. Hundreds of doses are prepared from the semen discharged during every ejaculation which is frozen in liquid nitrogen and sold to dairy farmers,” explains Ahmed Aalam Khah.

These bulls lead a charmed life indeed. “We spend about `4,000- `5,000 every day. They are given oil baths three times a day and it has a couple of attendants looking after it all day. Shahenshah drinks 30-40 litres of milk mixed with raw eggs every day. It’s diet consists of 100-150 apples, laddus made of kaju, pista, badam and dates, concentrates, green grass and hay.”

source: / The Times of India / News> City News> Hyderabad News / by Karthik Pasupalate / TNN / October 23rd, 2017

Muzaffarnagar girl Anjum Saifi fulfills father’s wish to become judge 25 years after he was killed by extortionists

Muzaffarnagar, UTTAR PRADESH  :


New Delhi:

At the age of four, Anjum Saifi lost her father who was gunned down for standing up against extortionists in a market at Muzaffarnagar in western Uttar Pradesh where he had a hardware shop. She has a faint memory of how her father used to ask her to become a judge.

Her happines knew no bounds on Friday when she saw her name in the list of successful candidates who cracked civil judge junior divison exams conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Service Commission.

Her eyes were moist as becoming a judge for Anjum, who is now 29, was significant not because it was her dream, but for the reason that it was the wish of her father, who lost his life in 1992.

“My father died fighting for what was right. His sacrifice will not go waste. My only aim has been to uphold his values and keep people’s faith in righteousness intact. Now god has given me the power to initiate that change and I will try to make a difference in whatever capacity I can. I wish he was here to see it happen,” the only daughter among five sons told The Times of India.

Rasheed Ahmad, her father, was killed in broad daylight after he protested against goons who were extracting money from a hawker.

Cracking the prestegious examination was not an easy job for the young woman. She had to face “unspeakable hardships” all these years. The entire family went through a lot to see the realization of the father’s dream.

It was a struggle at many fronts, monetary concerns were just a small part. They had to even withdraw the case pertaining to his murder because the priority was to educate children and not put their lives at risk.

An overwhelmed Hamida Begum added, “Today, I am a content woman. The seed of values and principles that my husband had sown into my children has started yielding fruit.”

Anjum’s eldest brother Dilshad Ahmad, who is now 40, did not marry because he had to support his family after his father’s death.

source: / Muslim Mirror / Home> Editor’s Pick / by admin – Muslim Mirror Staff / October 16th, 2017

Seven Muslim girls cracked UP’s judicial service examination to become judge


New Delhi:

Twelve Muslim aspirants (seven girls and five boys) caracked Uttar Pradesh Provincial Civil Service Judicial or UP PCSJ examination whose result was declared on October 13. Girls outshined boys in this prestigious examination.

All these successful women have different stories of sacrifice, hard work and firm determination to achieve their goals.


With 12th rank, Rumana – who has graduated from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) – has secured the best position among the Muslim candidates.

Naghma Khan

UP’s Sambhal resident Naghma Khan has got 29th rank, Samina – who is from the same district – has secured 34th rank in the prestigious examination to enter into judicial services in the state.

Daughter of an engine mechanic, Naghma has done masters (LLM) from Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi. She has earlier been invited for lectures in Australia, Switzerland and Japan.

Talking about his daughter’s success, Mubeen Khan says, “It is like a dream come. Naghma has proved where there is a will, there is a way. She can be an inspiration for many daughters who have potential and want to achieve something in life.”

Samina Jameel

She is privileged to have an educated family background. She got all the support she needed during studies. Her father Jameel Ahmad was an employee of UP Secreteriat and her brother Mohsin Jameel is a Deputy SP in the state police.

Zeba Rauf

Hapur’s resident Zeba Rauf got 35th rank.

She comes from a Rajput Muslim family at Hapur in western Uttar Pradesh where female literacy rate is extremely low.

She got all the support from her father Rauf Ahmad and brother Samiullah Khan who studies at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Arshi Noor

She was posted at Bulanshahr as the Assistant District Prosecution Officer (ADPO). She prepared for the judicial services examination without any specialised coaching while doing her.

She is from Eatah and her father Noorul Hasan was an administrative assistant with the district court.

She is quite active on social media and runs a page titled ‘Our Dream PCS J’ on Facebook.


Anjum Saifi

Muzaffarnagar resident Anjum grabbed headlines of almost newspapers after the result was declared. She lost her father – who was gunned down 25 years ago by goons for raising voice against extortionists – when she was just four year old.

Her father, who had a hardware shop, wanted to see her as a judge. To fulfill his father’s dream and pay tribute to the departed soul, Anjum’s brother took the financial burden of the family on his shoulder.

He did not marry to ensure that her sister faces no economical hindrance in her preparations.

Kisa Zaheer

Kisa Zaheer from Lucknow was ranked at 74th, Arshi Noor from Etah at 117th and Anjum Saifi from Muzaffarnagar at 159th positions.

Five Muslim men also became judge this year. While Sharjeel Khan secured 19th rank, Arif Siddiqui got 36th position. Naved Muzaffar was ranked at 46, Zeeshan Masood at 64 and at Wakeel 218.

source: / Muslim Mirror / Home> Editor’s Pick / by admin – Muslim Mirror Staff / October 20th, 2017

Indias First Olympic Swimmer Shamsher Khan Is No More Passes Away In Andhra Pradesh


Indias First Olympic Swimmer Shamsher Khan Is No More Passes Away In Andhra Pradesh


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