Hyderabad: Meet the GES sibling delegates, Mansoor, Umamah and Haider

Hyderabad, TELANGANA / USA :



The young entrepreneurs Mansoor Syed, Umamah Syeda and Haider Syed, who were part of US delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), are born and brought up in US have deep-rooted connections with Hyderabad. The most interesting part is that they are siblings. Before their selection as the delegation to GES the American government didn’t know that they are siblings. They were selected individually.

Their grandfather, Syed Moosa Quadri was a contractor and had played role in construction of Salar Jung Bridge close to Salar Jung Museum.

Talking about Hyderabad, the trio said that the city has changed a lot. They found that the youth are getting educated and are hopeful that they will get opportunities too.

The entrepreneur siblings said Hyderabad has a very rich culture and everybody during the GES was impressed by it.

Talking about Islamophobia in US, the young entrepreneurs said media is exaggerating the situation; the situation is not as bad as shown by the media; however they said there are struggles everywhere.

source: http://www.siasat.com / The Siasat Daily / Home> Hyderabad> News> Top Stories /  December 15th, 2017

Hockey India congratulates new FIH World Panel Umpire Javed Shaikh



New Delhi (ANI):

Hockey India on Thursday congratulated  Javed Shaikh on  being promoted to the FIH World Panel Umpire (Outdoor Hockey) by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

The FIH announced its decision on Wednesday after his name was recommended by Hockey India and supported by the Asian Hockey Federation.

The 41-year-old from Mumbai began his career as an umpire in 2000 at a local tournament. In 2002, he was called-up as a national umpire followed by an opportunity at the 2003 Under-21 Invitational Cup in Poland where he served as an international umpire. Over the last decade, Shaikh has umpired at major events such as Commonwealth Games, Asian Games as well as the 2014 Men’s World Cup in Hague, The Netherlands and was also called up as an umpire during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“This is an emotional moment for me. I see this as a recognition for my hard work over the past 15 years. Being in the FIH World Panel Umpire (Outdoor Hockey) is very prestigious and I am grateful to Hockey India for their constant support,” expressed  Javed Shaikh on the side-lines of the on-going 52nd Bombay Gold Cup where he is umpiring.

Shaikh further stressed upon the role of  Hockey India in promoting umpires and their extensive programs that has helped several enthusiasts to take up umpiring as a career.

“As an umpire it is extremely important to get support from national federation and I am fortunate that Hockey India promotes umpires in a big way. It’s not just the exposure in terms of round-the-year umpire clinics and domestic assignments to give us match experience but they also send us programs on fitness which is essential for an umpire at any level,” he stated.

Congratulating  Javed Shaikh on his promotion,  Hockey India’s Secretary General Md. Mustaque Ahmad said, “I congratulate  Javed Shaikh on his promotion to the  FIH World Panel Umpire (Outdoor Hockey) by the FIH. It is a recognition for his 15 years of tireless efforts as an umpire and such recognition will only encourage more enthusiasts to take up umpiring in hockey. It is a matter of pride for us when umpires represent India in top tournaments across the world. I wish Shaikh the very best for his future endeavours.” (ANI)

source:  http://www.aninews.in / ANI / Home / December 14th, 2017

Farmer’s Notebook: Developing a Machine to Remove Tamarind Seeds

Dharwad District, KARNATAKA :

Abdul Khadar of Karnataka was awarded by the National Innovation Foundation for developing the device.

Abdul Khadar with his innovation of a device meant to separate tamarind seeds. Credit: Special arrangement
Abdul Khadar with his innovation of a device meant to separate tamarind seeds. Credit: Special arrangement

Villages in rural India are not just about farming and growing crops. They house some brilliant scientists and innovators who might not have the required technical qualification but through personal experience have learnt the art of developing a device or machine that can help them overcome their manual drudgery.

In fact, there are several such innovators housed in some remote corners of this county’s villages that the scientific fraternity has failed to recognise.

This could perhaps be because, technically, they are not qualified or the findings do not fall within their circumference of activities. Nevertheless, rural India’s brilliant minds continue to develop and find answers in its own way rather than depending on others for an answer.

The credit for recognising these rural innovators and helping them showcase their findings should go to the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in Ahmedabad, which under the able leadership of professor Anil Gupta and his team, has been maintaining a database of thousands of such findings, new discoveries and lost ancient practices, bringing them into the limelight.

Every year, the government of India hosts a function at Rashtrapati Bhavan for these people through the foundation to encourage and throw more light on their inventions so that the common man can understand rural India better.

Awards are conferred on many of these rural innovators, with the president of India himself attends the function and gives the awards.

In fact, NIF has gone a long way in changing society’s perception of rural India. They have managed to change the perception of rural India as only about and for farmers to one of innovation.

Take the case of Abdul Khadar from Karnataka’s Dharwad district, whose innovation was recognised by the NIF.

Abdul Khadar receives an award from the president of India at an event organised by the National Innovation Foundation. Credit: Special arrangement
Abdul Khadar receives an award from the president of India at an event organised by the National Innovation Foundation. Credit: Special arrangement

Khadar is from an agrarian family. Last year, his lands were dry throughout the year.

Since he was dependent on the annual monsoon, which was playing truant, he decided to plant fruit trees like mango, sapota and jujube, intercropping chilli in between so that he could get income in a short time. But owing to the acute scarcity of water, the idea failed.

In search of a crop that could grow in dry areas without needing much attention, he learnt that tamarind trees fit the criteria well. Huge tamarind trees planted on highways, uncared for yet with lush green canopies caught his eye.

Since the mid 1980s, he has planted nearly 2,000 tamarind trees on his land. Not only have the plants survived, they have also grown well. The success of growing tamarind with scarce water was an innovation in itself.

Khadar also sunk 11 bore wells to try to get some water but only two of them worked. He spent nearly Rs 2 lakh in the process.

In an attempt to make his land more fertile, he dug six small ponds to harvest rainwater. “After monsoon, water from the bore well was used to pump into the ponds. The water was then used for flood irrigating the plants,” said Vipin Kumar, the chief innovation officer at NIF.

Khadar constructed underground tanks to preserve the tamarind pulp. According to him, pulp preserved in such a manner had a long shelf life and could retain the original quality and flavour for a longer period.

Until now, value addition in tamarind is rare, but Khadar wanted to try something new. He began by manufacturing pickles and jam, which is marketed as far as Hyderabad.

He also thought of another new experiment when he faced problem in making pickles. The process of making pickle was labour intensive and tedious as one had to first harvest tamarind from the trees and then separate the fruit from the pods manually (similarly to groundnut). He conceived a unique technique for harvesting tamarind from the trees but did not go ahead due to the high cost involved.

“After spending about Rs 3 lakh and six months of hard and intensive labour I finally developed a machine to separate the tamarind seeds. It had a system wherein the seed gets thrown out of the tamarind pod,” he said.

The next step in pickle making was to cut the unripened tamarind into small pieces. For this also he developed a machine for slicing tamarind fruit into tiny pieces. “The machine serves multiple purposes and can do the job more efficiently and effectively,” he explained.

Through the support of the Karnataka government, many of his products are available to farmers at subsidised rates. Khadar’s innovation has been documented by the NIF, Ahmedabad.

Vipin Kumar, chief innovation officer, National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad: vipin@nifindia.org, 9825316994.

source: http://www.thewire.in / The Wire / Home> Agriculture / by M. J. Prabu / April 06th, 2017

Jamalians : Distinguished Alumnus Awards

Tiruchirapalli, TAMIL NADU :

Distinguished Alumnus Awards were presented to the following JAMALIANS

On 15th August 2003

  • Thiru. S.A. Abdul Malik, Secretary Jeddah Chapter
  • Thiru. KNS. Rahmathullah, President Jeddah Chapter
  • Thiru. Meera Mohideen, Treasurer, Jeddah Chaper
  • Thiru. M.A. Dawood Batcha, President , UAE Chapter
  • Thiru. M. Abdul Rahman, Secretary, UAE Chapter
  • Thiru. A. Abdul Wahab, Vice-Presidnet , UAE Chapter
  • Thiru. H.Q. Najumudin, Secretary, Kuwait Chapter
  • Thiru. P.M.A. Kaliq Jaman, President, Kuwait Chapter
  • Thiru. Dr. V. Rajagopalan, Controller of Examination, Bharathidasan University
  • Dr. Sirpi Balasubramanian, Inter (1951-1953), Sahithya Academy Awardee
  • Thiru. K. Alaudin, I.A.S., Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. A.V. Venkatachalam, I.F.S., Department of Forest, Govt of Tamil Nadu


On 15th August 2004

  • Hon. Thiru. C. Ponnian Minister for Finance, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. P. Selvam, I.A.S., Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. K.M. Kader Mohideen, M.A., M.P.
  • Thiru. L. Ganesan, B.A., B.L., M.P.
  • Thiru. Syed Muthahar Saqaf, Special Correspondent , The Hindu
  • Thiru. M.A. Abdul Katheem, Vice-President, U.A.E. Chapter
  • Thiru. Venkat Narayanan, Assistant Secretary, U.A.E. Chapter
  • Prof. N. Abdul Samadh, Former Principal, Jamal Mohamed College
  • Dr. Nather Khan, President, Malaysia Chapter
  • Dr. V. Veeraraghavan, Dy. Director, IGNOU
  • Dr. R. Veerasekaran, Co-ordinator, N.S.S., Bharathidasan University


On 15th August 2005

  • Hon. Justice Akbar Basha Khadiri, High Court Judge (Rtd)
  • Thiru. K.A. Khaleel Ahamed Saheb, Treasurer, JMC Management Committee
  • Thiru. Akbar Khan, Executive Director HR, ETAASCON, Dubai
  • Thiru. E. Elangovan, I.A.S., Secretary. Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. Jaffer Sait. I.P.S., I.G.of Police, Central Zone, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. S.M. Hidayathullah, President,Chennai Alumni Chapter
  • Prof. K. Abdullah Basha, Former Principal, Jamal Mohamed College
  • Dr. Nallu, Co-ordinator, N.S.S. Bharathidasan University
  • Dr. Ramamoorthy, Principal, National College
  • Er. Younus, Correspondent, MIET College, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. S.P.M. Mohamed Ali Jinnah, Auditor, Tiruchirappalli


On 15th August 2006

  • Dr. M.A. Akbarsha, Prof of Animal Science, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. P. Panneervel, I.A.S., M.B.A., Spl. Secretary,Dept.of Education, Govt of Gujarat.
  • Thiru. A.K. Khaja Nazeemudeen, Assistant Secretary, JMC Management Committee
  • Thiru. V.H. Mohamed Haneefa, I.P.S., Suptd of Police. Madurai.
  • Prof. A. Kamaludeen, Principal, M.I.E.T. Arts & Science College, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. Syed Tajudeen Madani, M.A., B.L., Advocate, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. M.K.M. Basheer Ahamed, Tanners, Tiruchirappalli
  • Thiru. Mohamed Hussain Malim, M.D., Al Sarraj Jewelers, Bahrain
  • Thiru. A. Noorul Haque, Executive Director, Shipping, ETA- ASCON, Dubai
  • Thiru. M.I. Abdul Haleem, Auditor, Singapore
  • Dr. B. Abdul Samath, Deputy Director, Medical Services, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. Zulfikar Deen, MCA, Director, TRIANZ, Bangalore


On 15th August 2007

  • Thiru. K.N. Nehru, Hon’ble Minister for Transport, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru. M.R.K. Paneer Selvam, Hon�ble Minister for Backward Classes Welfare and Registration, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
  • Thiru. T.Pachamuthu, Chancellor, SRM University, Chennai.
  • Dr. Ramasamy, Vice-chancellor, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  • Dr. N, Govindan, Ph.D., I.A.S., Chairman & Managing Director, State Industries promotion Corpration of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
  • Prof. S. Syed Usman, Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Tiruchirappalli Region.
  • Dr. K.S. Alamgeer, M.Sc., (Agri), M.M.A.C. (Germany) Consultant, Agro Chairman, Coromandal Indag Group, Chennai.
  • Mr. G.M. Akbar Ali, Member Secretary, Legal Services, Chennai.
  • Dr. Joseph Mathuram, Ortho Specialist, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. M. Ziaudeen, B.Com., F.C.A., General Manager, Express printing Services, Dubai
  • Mr. M.A.J. Iqbal, President, TMCA, Kuwait.
  • Dr. K.S.S. Uthuman Mohideen, Prof & Head, Department of Economics,University of Madras.
  • Dr. Umar Mohideen, Professor of Physics, California University.
  • Thiru. Segu Jamaludeen, Secretary & Correspondent, Aalim Mohamed Salegh College of Engineering, Chennai.
  • Prof. N.A. Gulam Mohideen, M.Sc., M.S., Professor, Texas University, U.S.A


On 15th August 2008

  • Mr. A. Ahamadullah, B.Sc., B.L., District Judge, Chennai.
  • Sam. G.Andrews, Principal District & Sessions Judge (Retd), Tiruchirappalli -18.
  • Mr. Thangakaliaperumal, I.A.S., Director of Adi-diravidar Welfare, Chennai -01.
  • Mr. Raghunathan, Secretary National College, Tiruchirappalli 01.
  • Mr. K. Abdul Azeez, B.A., B.L., Senior Advocate, Kulithalai.
  • Dr. K. Santhanam, Principal, Kurinji College of Arts & Science, Tiruchirappalli-02.
  • Dr. Iffthikarudeen, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Joint Director of Collegiate Education – Finance, Chennai -06
  • Prof. M. Bava Mohideen, M.Com., M.Phil., Joint Director of Collegiate Education,
  • Tiruchirappalli – 02
  • Mr. M. Hidayathullah, Senior Advocate, Chennai
  • Mr. S.M. Sadique, Managing Director, Landmark Hotel Group, Dubai.
  • Mr. S.A. Mohamed Rafeeq, B.Com.,MBA., Senior Brand Manager, SABAFCO, Jeddah.
  • Mr. A.K. Hussain, Proprietor, Ahmed Brothers, Tiruchirappalli – 08.
  • Prof. S. Mohamed Hussain, Prof of Physics (Rtd), Tiruchirappalli – 20.
  • Dr. Manuneethicholan, I.C.L.S., Ph.D., Official Liquidator Company Law Board, Chennai – 108.
  • Dr. R.Gunasekaran, M.D., Deepan Nursing Home, Tiruchirappalli – 17.
  • Dr. M.A. Aleem, Professor of Neurology, KAP Visvanathan Medical College, Tiruchirappalli – 01.
  • Mr. P. Abdul Kathar, B.Sc., B.Tech., Proprietor, M F Leathers, Chennai.
  • Mr. Mohideen Abdul Kader, M.Com., A.C.A., M.D & Chartered Accountant, Singapore.


On 15th August 2009

  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.M.Akbar Ali, Judge, Madras High Court, Chennai.
  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. Rajendran, Judge, Madras High Court
  • Mr. Raja Khalifullah, Government Pleader, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.
  • Mr. RajasekaranM.Com., M.L.A., Thottiam Constituency, Thottiam, Trichy District.
  • Mr. M.ParanjothiM.A., B.L., M.L.A., Srirangam Constituency, D-118, 9th Cross, Thillai Nagar, Trichy-18
  • Dr. K.Mohamed MohideenM.S., F.I.C.S., F.R.S.H., F.I. Jasmin Garden, 82, Dr.Alagappa Road, Chennai-600 084.
  • Prof. M.Nyamathullah, Former HOD of Commerce, Niamath Manzil, Khajamalai Food Hills, Khajamalai, Tiruchirappalli-23.
  • Prof. M.Y.A. Razaak, Former Professor of English, 21, 5 Alamelu Mangai Street, Jaya Nagar, Tiruchirappalli-21.
  • Prof. H.Salahudeen, Former Professor and N.S.S. Coordinator, Bharathidasan University, 6-A/15A, Elango Street, Vivekananda Nagar, Chennai-600 118.
  • Prof. L.W.Abdul Wadooth, 62/2, 1st Floor, A.K. Swamy Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai-600 010.
  • Prof. S.Abdul Raseed, Former Professor of Chemistry, 31, Samad School Street, Khaja Nagar, Tiruchirappalli-20.
  • Er. S.A.W. Buhari,No.8-A, Quaide Millath Street, Khaja Nagar, Tiruchirappalli-20.
  • Dr. Abdul MunafM.B.B.S., Founder President, Krishnagiri Islamic Trust for Education, Al-Ameen Manjil, 27/I, Jakkappan Nagar II Cross, Krishnagiri – 635 001.
  • Mr. G.N.Srinivasan, Secretary & Correspondent, Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchirappalli
  • Prof. Hajee M.J.A. Meeran, Former Professor of Physics, The New College, Chennai.
  • Dr. P.M. Mansure, Principal, MIET College of Arts & Science, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. M.M. Shahul Hameed, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. M. Sheik Mohamed, Principal, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. R.K.Medhar Mydeen, Deputy Commissioner (Commercial Taxes), Zone-IV, Chennai-6.
  • Dr. A.Abdul Subhan Khan, Head (i/c), Commerce & Business Administration Self-Financing, Departments, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. Dawood Miakhan, Secretary and Correspondent, Quaide Millath College, Melavakkam,Secretary and Correspondent, Quaide Millath College, Melavakkam, Chennai – 601 302.
  • Prof. Mohamed Iqbal, Principal, Quaide Millath College, Melavakkam, Chennai -601302.
  • Mr. K.A.R. Mohideen, K.A.R.Leathers Pvt.Ltd., 86 E, Madurai Road, Begambur, Dindigul-2.
  • Er. A.A.Deen, Chief Executive Officer, JEL Maintenance PTE Ltd., 25, Tanjong Kling Road, Singapore – 628050, P.O. Box 175, Singapore 916106.
  • Dr. K.Anbarasu, Principal, National college, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Hajee M.J.S. Nazeer Ahmed, Correspondent, Jamalia Higher Sec. School, Chennai.
  • Dr. H.Syed Othuman, Principal, Sadakkadullah Appa College, Thirunelveli.
  • Mr. James Vasanthan, Music Director, Chennai.
  • Mr. A. Jainalaudeen, Rtd. Deputy Conservator of Forest, Chennai.
  • Mr. Nizamudeen, Managing Partner, Penguin Printers, Chennai.
  • Mr. Abdul Sukkoor, Internal Auditor, Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai.
  • Mr. Ameer Faisal, Executive Director, Shipping Division, ETA ASCON, Star Group of Companies, Dubai.
  • Mr. N.A.M.Abdul Aleem, Secretary, T.M.C.A, Kuwait.
  • Prof. Dr. S.Thameem Dheen, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • Mr. Mohamed Rafeek, Ruwais Education Trust, Abu Dhabi.
  • Mr. K.M.Mohamed Ismail Sait, Director, Mana Muna Academy, Dindigul.
  • Mr. P. Subramaniam, Senior Manager, I.O.B., Cantonment Branch, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. Mohamed Ismail, Director, Femina Group of Companies, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. A. Riaz Ahamed, Director, Golden Oil Mills, 17, Palakkarai Road, Mylam, Tiruchirappalli-08.
  • Mr. R.V.RamanM.A., (Retd.) Assistant Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Chennai.
  • Mr. Srinivasan, Inspector (Retd.), Income Tax Department, C/144, Kambar Street, Anna Nagar, Thennur, Tiruchirappalli-17.
  • Mr. Nagalingam, BT Assistant (Retd.), R.C. School, Tiruchirappalli-01, 192, Near Post Office, Edamalaipatti Pudur, Tiruchirappalli-12.
  • Mr. J.Ubaidur Rahiman, 21, Kalaivanar Street, Dharapuram Road, Aravakurichi, Karur – 639 201.


On 26th January 2010

  • Hon’ble Thiru. M.N. Mohamed Ali, B.Sc., M.L.,Additional District Judge, Tanjore.
  • Mr. M.Habeebullah, B.E., Chief Consulting Engineer,Dubai
  • Dr. M. Fazlullah, M.B.B.S., Medical Officer,Dr.Safiullah Hospital, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. M.Mohamed Badhusha, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,District Supply Officer, Tiruchirappalli (Dt.)
  • Mr. T. Jeyaseelan, IDAS, Financial Advisor, DGNP,NAVAL Base Post, Vizag – 14
  • Mr. Guna Sekaran, I.F.S., Addl. Principal,Chief Conservator of Forest, Anna Institute of management, Chennai
  • Dr. B.Senthil Kumaran, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Professor & Head, Department of Animal Science, University of Hyderabad
  • Mr. A.M.P. Jamaludeen, M.Sc., Joint Secretary,Officer on Special Duty, Council Formation, Secretariat, Chennai
  • Mr. Hameed Khan, B.Com., Senior Manager,Corporate Accounts, ETA Ascon, Dubai
  • Mr. Jafar Ali Abdul Hameed, B.Sc., Vice President,Dubai Islamic Development Bank, Dubai.
  • Mr. K.Mohamed Hidayathullah, M.Sc.,Senior Executive, ETA Ascon, Dubai.
  • Haji. A.G. Abdul Khaliq, B.Com.,Contractor, Khaja Nagar, Tiruchirappalli – 20.
  • Dr. S. Palanivelu, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Former HOD of Chemistry, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Major M.Aravandi, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Former HOD of Computer Science, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Prof. A. Abdul Malik, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Former HOD of Chemistry, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. T. Janakiraman, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Former HOD of Chemistry, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Prof. M.Abdul Hayath, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Former Professor of Chemistry, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Major. S.Sheik Dawood, M.Sc., M.Phil., FormerProfessor in Chemistry & NCC Officer, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Prof. M.N.P.Ziauddin, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Former Professor of Physics & Coordinator of Deeniyath Education,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Prof. S.Yusuf, M.A., M.Phil.,Former Vice Principal & HOD of English, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. M.H. Abubacker, M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Former HOD of Economics, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. S. Samsu Aliyar, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Former HOD of Economics, Chennai.
  • Prof. M.Mohamed Umar, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Former Professor in Economics & Coordinator, Tansri Ubaidullah Higher Secondary School, Rajagiri, Tanjore.
  • Prof. M.Purushothaman, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Former HOD of Botany,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Prof. A. Umar Basha, M.Sc., M.Phil., FormerProfessor in Physics & Correspondent, AIMAN College,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. A.Mohamed Abdul Khader, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Principal, Khadir Mohideen College, Adirampattinam,Tanjore(Dt).
  • Dr. Syed Rafeek Ahamed, M.A., Ph.D., Principal,Quide Millath College for Mendavakkam,Chennai – 600 100.
  • Prof. Ambikapathy, M.Sc., M.Phil., Principal,Raja Sharafoji Government College, Thanjavur.
  • Dr. P.Ajmail Khan, M.A., Ph.D., Senior Professor & Head,School of Religion and Humanist Thoughts, Madurai Kamarajar University, Madurai – 20.
  • Mr. S. Kumaravel, M.Sc., B.Ed., Senior Scientist,Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology,Tanjore.
  • Dr. Varadharaajan, B.A., B.L., Ph.D., Chairman,Roever Group of Education Institutions, Permbalur.
  • Rev. Fr. Thomas, M.Sc., B.Ed., Head Master,Ponmalaipatti Higher Secondary School,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Janab. N.Mohamed Farook, M.A., BGL., Secretary & Correspondent, Naina Mohamed College,Aranthangi.
  • Janab. M.A.Mohamed Nizam, M.B.A.,Secretary & Correspondent, MAM Group of Institutions, Siruganur(Po), Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. T.Mohamed Kaleemuddeen, B.Sc., F.C.A.,Charted Accountant, Kaleem & Co, Coimbatore.
  • H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, M.sc., Ph.D.,Metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.
  • Dr. T.Arun Kumar, M.C.A., Ph.D., Professor in Computer Science, Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore.
  • Mr. Hussain Farook, M.Sc., Rahath Plaza,Vada Palani, Chennai.
  • Mr. Farook Basha, M.Sc., Chairman, Husna Flowers and Fragrance Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
  • Mr. Hadi Saheb, B.Com., Steam Beedi Co.,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. A.S.Mohamed Rafee, M.A., Ph.D., Head,Department of English,Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur.
  • Dr. AV.M.Nazimuddin, B.Com., M.A., Ph.D.,87, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai – 31.
  • Mr. B.Balaji, B.Com., Managing Director,B.G.Naidu Sweets, Tiruchy and Pudukkottai.
  • Dr. M.S.Anwar Hussain, B.Com., B.L.,High Court Advocate, Chennai.
  • Haji. E.Mohamed Ali, PRO (Rtd.,), BSNL,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. Mohideen Sirajudeen, M.Com.,Marketing Director, Alaaerah Tyers, Jeddah, KSA.
  • Mr. Mohamed Anas, B.Com., Director,Alofhaim Markets Group, Riyad, KSA.
  • Mr. S.Mohamed Ismail, B.Com.,Operation & Data Analyst, Juffali Information Systems Centre, Jedadh, KSA.
  • Mr. M.Mohamed Malick Ibrahim, B.Com.,General Manager, Class Design Carpets, Riyadh, KSA.
  • Lion. P.T.Rajan, B.Sc., Prop. Periyasamy Towers,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. M.I.Abdul hadi, B.Com., Steam Beedi Co.,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. Nazurullah Khan, M.Sc., Director,Universal Multilingual Integrated Educational Service, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Dr. G.Jeyachandran, M.B.B.S.,DO,DTCD, Chairman,Janet Nursing Home, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. I.Abdul Azzez, B.A., Inspector of Police,Organaized Crime – CBCID, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. K.Feroze Khan Abdullah, M.Sc.,Additional Superintendent of Police, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. A.Kannadasan, M.Com., Inspector of Police,Airport Police Stataion, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. A.Prasanna Venkatesh, B.Sc., Inspector of Police, Vigilance & Antocorruption, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Dr. S.M.M. Mohamed Ali, M.A., Ph.D.,Former professor of Ta,il, Quide Millath College for Men, Chennai.
  • Mr. H.M. Shahul Hameed, M.Com.,Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dharmapuri.
  • Mr. A.M.Sahabar Sadiq Ali, M.A.,Family Welfare Councellor, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. K.Habeeb, B.A., Social Worker, Thuvarankurichi.
  • Mr. Akbar Hussain, Former Professor of Botany,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. A.Abdul Khuddus, Former Physical Director,Tiruchirappalli.
  • Mr. M.Elangovan, Higher Grade Assistant,LIC, Cantonment Branch.


On 4th September 2011

  • Mr R. Manoharan, Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Mr S. Jeyapandian, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law & Order, Trichy
  • Dr A. R . Mohamed Ismail, Principal, Jamal Mohamed College of Teacher Education
  • Col. Dr Govindasamy, Retd. Col, Chennai
  • Dr N. Abdul Khader, Principal, Aadhavan College of Arts & Science
  • Dr M. Mohamed Sathik, Principal, Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli
  • Janab S. Syed Moinudeen, Advisory, Software Engineer, IBM, Bangalore
  • Dr S. Muzaffardeen, HOD of Urudu, New College, Chennai
  • Dr S.M. Mohamed Nasardeen, Quaid-E-Millath College, Chennai
  • Hajee J. Samsudeen, President, Aiman College, Trichy
  • Mr Mohamed Rafiq, Secretary, Alruwais Educational Forum, Abudhabi
  • Mr M.A.K. Jalaludeen, CEO/Managing Director, Singapore
  • Mr P M A Amanullah, CEO, Infocom Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr A. Anwar Basha, Senior Executive Director, ETA Ascon Star Groups, Dubai
  • Mr A. M.Z. Ziaudeen, Chairman & Managing Director, Super Sonic Trading Group, Dubai
  • Mr Maluk Mohamed, General Manager, MBM, ETA Ascon Star Group, Dubai
  • Dr U.P. Nasir, Senior Scientist Assistant, Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Mr S. Annamalai, Deputy Editor, The Hindu, Madurai
  • Janab Akbar Ali, K.A.R.Leathers, Dindigul
  • Mr Mohamed Haneefa Tajudeen, CEO/Executive Director TPC, Professional Couriers Pvt. Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr A. Rafi Ahmed, Customer Fulfillment Manager, NCR Corporation, Kuwait
  • Janab S. Sher Ali Khan, Retd. Head Master (Nallasiriyar Awardee)


On 26th August 2012

  • Dr. V. Jayapal, Chairman, GVN Hospital, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. M. Fazalur Rahman Mallick, Managing Director & Consultant Horticulturist, Hydroponics & Plant Care Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. M. Feroz Khan, Certified Public Accountant, Proprietor, Feroz Khan & Co., Singapore
  • Dr. M. Govindasamy, Lt. Colonel (Retd.)
  • Mr. K. Thajudeen, Manager, Jalalib Trading Company, Kuwait
  • Mr. T. Ganesan, Director (R), All India Radio, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. S.E.M. Abdul Aleem, CEO/Director, Zohra Wahab Trading Co Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. Rafi Ahamed, Customer Fulfillment Manager, NCR Corporation, Kuwait
  • PMJF Lion PL. A. Subramaniyan, Chairman of PL.A Group, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. I. Mohammed Bilal, Dean, School of Science & Humanities, B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Vandalur, Chennai
  • Mr. A. Basheer Ahamed, Secretary & Correspondent, Alif Matric School, Valuthoor
  • Mr. Abdul Kareem, Chief Executive Officer, It’s Biznes Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. K. Feroze Khan Abdullah, Additional Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, Tiruchirappalli District
  • Dr. B. Padmanaban, Principal Scientist (Agri. Entomology), National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. J. Mohamed Abdul Kader, Proprietor, Al-Wahid Indian Muslim Foods, Singapore
  • Mr. P. K. Aboobacker, Associate Professor & HOD of Commerce, Sadakathullah Appa College (Autonomous), Tirunelveli
  • Dr. P.M.S. Abdul Gaffoor, Associate Professor of Commerce, The New College, Chennai
  • Mr. A. Abdul Nasser, AGM – Finance & Banking, ETA ASCON Star Group, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. Jahir Hussain, Managing Director, Al Majara Polychem Ind. LLC, Sharjah
  • Mr. B. Mohamed Ibrahim, Marine Operation Manager, Brunei
  • Rtn. N. Mohan, Chartered Accountant, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. A. J. Mohamed Jinna, Regional Program Associate Director, Verizon Business Communications, Singapore
  • Mr. Abdul Subahan Mohamed Ghouse, Solution Architect, Leotech Services Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Mr. Asharaf Ali, Senior Applications DBA, Petro Chemical Industries Company, Kuwait
  • Colonel K. Asokan, Quality Assurance Officer, Ministry of Defence, Govt. Of India
  • Mr. V. Dhanraj, Managing Director, Vaishale Prawn Hatchery & Group of Companies, Chennai
  • Mr. Kalander Mohideen, Assistant Director of Information Technology, Rajah & Tann LLP (Advocates & Solicitors), Singapore
  • Mr. Hameed Ghouse, Director, Business Development, Tradenet Services Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. R. Jainulaputheen, Deputy Collector (Trainee), Government of Tamilnadu


On 15th August 2013

  • Dr. A. Veeramani, Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Tamilnadu, Tiruchirappalli Region
  • Hajee Dr. R. Khader Mohideen, Former Principal, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy
  • Mr. R. Mani, Director-Operations, TNPL, Karur
  • Dr. M. Aliyar, Principal, KP National College of Arts & Science, Dindugal
  • Mr. Athur Mohamed Kasim, Administrative Officer cum Arabic Translator, Binladin Contracting Group LLC, Dubai
  • Mr. M. Ahamed Jalaludeen, General Manager, Sayeed Muhammad & Sons Traders Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. A. Ramu, DGM/Zonal Manager, Indian Bank, Trichy
  • Dr. B. Vijayakumar, Consultant Anesthesiologist, Trichy
  • Dr. T. Jayaprakasam, Principal, Nehru Memorial College, Trichy
  • Mr. H.M. Shahul Hameed, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City
  • Mr. Seeni Naina Mohamed Syed Alam, Proprietor, Ungalkural Enterprise, Malaysia
  • Dato Hajee Mohamed Thasleem Ibrahim, Executive Chairman, TMI – Nusantara Consultants (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Mr. T. Jayaprakash, Assistant Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Trichy
  • Mr. A. Mohamed Mydeen, Technical Director, National Informatics Centre, Chennai
  • Mr. S. Mohamed Ghouse, Human Resource Manager, Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. M. Ajmal Sait, Sr. Delivery Manager, Cambridge Solutions, Bangalore
  • Mr. A. Zulfikardheen, Manager, Accenture Services, Bangalore
  • Dr. Venkatesan Jayakumar, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Asian University, Bangladesh
  • Mr. Muneer Ahmed, PR in-charge, Kuwait Swimming Association, Kuwait
  • Mr. S. Idris Malim, Director & CEO, Eduquest International Institute Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. H.E. Jaffar Siddique, Team Leader, IT Operation, Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. S.K.S. Hameed Rahman, Manager-Marketing, Trading & Shipping Division, Emirates Trading Agency, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. S. Mohamed Rahmathullah, Programme Manager, Mashreq Bank, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. A. P. Rajendran, PG Teacher in Botany, Namakkal
  • Mr. M. Zahir Husain, Senior IT Infrastructure, Systems and SAN Storage Administrator, Petrochemical Industries Company, Kuwait


On 15th August 2014

  • Mr. N. ALTAF AHAMED, Director, MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai
  • Mr. P. SAMIIYA, Ex-Zonal Chairman, Tiruchirappalli City Corporation
  • Alhaj Kazi, S.A. SHAIK HASSAN SAHIB, QADIRI, Government Town Kazi and Managing Trustee of Nagore Dargah Shariff
  • Mr. G. RAMESH KUMAR, FCA, Chartered Accountant, Trichy
  • Mr. M. SAWKATH ALI, Area Warehouse Manager, Shuiba Water & Power Production Station, Kuwait
  • Mr. T.M.A. ABDUL MALIK, Joint Managing Director, Super Sonic Trading LLC Group, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. K. M. KABEER MOOSA, Principal, Jamal Mohamed College Ayesha Girls Matric Hr.Sec. School, Trichy
  • Mr. D. ASHOK GANDHI, Vice President, All India Synthetic Gems Manufacturers and Dealers Association
  • Rtn S GOPAL, Prop: Sri Lakshmi Roadways, Trichy
  • Dr. A . M. MOHAMED SINDHASHA, Former Principal, Jamal Mohamed College Trichy
  • Dr. M. HUSSAIN MUNAVAR, Professor & Head, Department of Molecular Biology. School of Biological Sciences, CAS in Functional and Organismal Genomics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
  • Mr. M. S. HABEEBUR RAHMAN, Engineering Consultant, Chennai,
  • Dr. K. SATHIYAMURTHY, Associate Professor, Department of Bio Medical Science, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. HAJA SHEIK ALLAUDIN, IT/E-commerce Manager and Director Revenue, Singapore
  • Dr. A. MOHAMED JAFFAR, Professor of Commerce, Tamilnadu Open University, Chennai
  • Shri. A. ARUNMOZHITHEVAN, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Cuddalore Constituency
  • Mr. HAJA MOHIDEEN, CIO, Islamic Bank, Qatar
  • Mr. NOOR MOHAMED ABDUL MALIK, Project Manager, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Singapore
  • Mr. ABDUL KARIM ABDUL NAZIR, Associate Director, Banking, NCS PTE LTD, Singapore
  • Mr. N. AMEER AHMAD, GeneralManager, TRAVEL CLUB Tourism Company, Kuwait
  • Mr. R. RAHAMATHULLAH, Director- Radiant IAS Academy, Villuppuram
  • Mr. HABIBULLAH NOOR MOHAMED, Managing Director,MASS Education Institute, Singapore
  • Mr. MOHAMED SIDDIQUE, Project Manager, IT, Mannai Corporation, Qatar
  • Mr. A. MOHAMED SHAJAHAN, Universal Lubricants Factory (ZINOL) L.L.C., Sharjah – U.A.E.
  • Mr. A. NASHEER AHAMED, Chief Executive Officer, Sixth Star Technologies, Chennai
  • Mr. HABEEB RAHMAN M.I. SHARFUDEEN, Contract Administrative Officer, Qatar
  • Ms. SHEERIN SAMSUDEEN, Specialist – Manage Direct Tax (United States) M/s. Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd (SBSC)- Chennai
  • Ms. AIMAN ARISHA, Senior Technical Analyst, CITY Global Service, California, USA


On 15th August 2015

  • Janab. M.J. JAMAL MOHAMED BILAL President, Jamal Mohamed College Management Committee, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. S. M. ABDUL KADER, IM Business Analyst, General Electric Oil & Gas, Singapore
  • Mr. SAHABUDEEN HUSSAIN SHA, HR & Admin Manager, Arcade Plaza Traders Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr M.A. BASHEERDEEN, Financial Manager, National Web Solutions Company, SHARQ, Kuwait
  • Mr. MOHAMED FAZURUDEEN, Business Development Manager, Kalanjiam Accounting LLC, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. KAMALUDEEN ASANA LEBBAI Technical Manager, Technical Office-Electro-Mechanical Department, M/S. Binladin Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Mr. SHAIK MASTHAN VALI AOR Senior Coordinator, New King Abdul-Aziz International Airport Project, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. A. VENKAT RAMAN Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Hajee. MANAVAI MUSTAFA Founder, Scientic Tamil Foundation, Chennai
  • Dr. A. JAWAHAR ALI, Associate Professor in Zoology, The New College (Autonomous), Chennai
  • Er. K. R. SYED ABDUL SUBHAN Design Engineer (Rtd.), Al Bawardy Consulting Engineers, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Mr R. MURUGAN, F.C.A., President, Cauvery College of Women, Annamalai Nagar, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr N. MAGESH, F.C.A., Chartered Accountant, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr.K.RAJAGOPAL,Professor & HOD of Physics, Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli
  • Mr. S. KATHIRESAN Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr.P.N.P MOHAMED SAHAPUTHEEN Former Vice Principal, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr.P.KARUTHOVIYAN Scientist ‘C’, National Informatics Centre, Collectorate, Nagapattinam
  • Mr. S. SIRAJUDEEN, Tahsildar, Tiruchirappalli West
  • Mr. A.AKBARALI Tahsildar cum Taluk Executive Magistrate, Thottiyam Taluk, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr.S.PRABAKAR, Director, Cardomom Planter Association, Bodinayakanur
  • Mr. A. BASHEER AHMED, Chief Executive Officer, H.H. The Prince of Arcot Endowment, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. S. KADHER MOHIDEEN Teacher, EKM Abdul Gani Matharasa Islamia High School, Erode
  • Dr. S.VENKATRAMAN Assistant General Manager, Syngene International Ltd., Bangalore
  • Dr. Mrs. H. ANISA Subject Expert, Prometric Educational Testing Service, USA


On 15th August 2016

  • Mr. HIDAYATHULLA MOHAMED ALI, Internal Auditor, Singapore
  • Mr. SELVARAJ NICKSON, Project Manager, lnfor, Singapore
  • Dr. ANWAR PASHA, Ophthalmologist, Dr.Anwar Pasha Medical Clinic Sharjah,U.A.E.
  • Mr. MUSTHAQ AHAMED, Finance Director, Culligan Middle East FZE, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Mr. IZAZ AHAMED, Senior Executive (Sales) National Trading Co. For Contracting Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Mr. RIAZ AHAMED KHAN, Project Leader / IT Manager, A. Rajab and A. Silsilah Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Mr. SAHIBUDEEN BIN HAJI ABDUL KADER, Director & Consultant, Financial Affairs, Malaysia
  • Mr. AJMAL KHAN MOHAMED, Managing Director (Food & Beverage) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Mr. V. PANDIYAN, Manager, State Bank of India, Chennai
  • Mr. A. ABDUL HAKIM, Delivery Manager, IBM, Chennai
  • Dr. A. HYDER ALI , Associate Professor in Zoology The New College, Chennai
  • Mr. V. JANARTHAM, Assistant Manager (Retd.), Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation Tiruchirappalli
  • Haji. A. ALLAPICHAI, President, Anvarul Muslimeen Mathiya Sangam & Educational Institutions, Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. ANANTHAKRISHNAN, Chartered Accountant, Dindigul
  • Mr. N. BALAKRISHNAN, Advocate, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. M. I. FAZAL MOHAMED, Head, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. S. M. MAZHAR NAZEEB KHAN, Controller of Examinations, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. M. RAFI AHMED, Trinity Mirror, Chief of Bureau,Coimbatore
  • Mr. P. VIRUTHACHALAM, Superintending Engineer, Trichy Electricity Circle, Metro Trichy
  • Mr. Ayesha Era. NATARASAN, Sahitya Academy Awardee, Principal, Krishnasamy Memorial Matric Hr.Sec.School, Cuddalore
  • Captain Dr. S ABIDEEN, Head, Department of Zoology, Dr.Zakir Hussain College, llayangudi
  • Mr. M. ARUN, Chief Executive Officer, Orchard Schools,Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. M. ALIKHAN, Director, Bizz Solutions Pvt Ltd, Tiruchirappalli


On 15th August 2017

  • Mr. M.J.MOHAMED IQBAL, Managing Director, Toshibha Elevators and Escalators, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr. S.MOHAMED SALIQUE, Former Principal, Jamal Mohamed College,Tiruchirappalli
  • Haji. A.SAHUl HAMEED, Deputy Collector (Retd.), Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Mr. R.SYED MIRZA GHALIB, Director,The Central School, Dubai, UAE
  • Mr. K.NAGARAJAN, Former Deputy General Manager,Karur Vysya Bank, Coimbatore
  • Dr. P.GOVINDARAJU, Professor & Head, Department of Communication Mononmaniam Sundaronar University, Tirunelveli
  • Mr. M.SIRAJUDEEN, Land Developer and Promoter, Tiruchirappalli
  • Dr. R.JEYAKUMAR, Senior Scientist, Central Morine Fisheries Research Institute, Romanathapurom
  • Dr. M.J.A.JAMAL MOHAMED IBRAHIM, Chairman, As-Salam College of Engineering & Technology, Thirumangalakudi
  • Mr. S.KAJA MOHIDEEN, Editor,Islam Diary Monthly Magazine, Chennai
  • Mr. RAJASEKARAN NAMAKKAL SOORAPPAN, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Mr. SURESH THANGAVELU, Information Security Manager, TCS, Chennai
  • Mr. A.FAREEJ MOHAMED, VP – Technology Refresh Project Manager Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
  • Mr. RAJAKUMAR SUBRAMANIAN, Regulatory Compliance and Affairs Manager, Deutsche Bank, Singapore
  • Mr. A.RIAZ AHAMED, Senior Developer, SAP Asia Pte. Ltd, Singapore
  • Dr. P.GOPINATH, Managing Director, Trichy Medical Centre and Hospitals Pvt Ltd., Tiruchirappalli
  • Mr. S.ALTHAFF SALEEM, Managing Director, Unique Angle Event Management Services, Dubai
  • Mr. PEER MOHAIDEEN SAIT, Founder & CEO, Black Cube Solutions FZCO, Dubai

source: http://www.jmcalumni.org.sg / Jamal Mohamed College Alumni Association, Singapore Chapter / Home> Distinguished Alumnus Awards

Abu Dhabi-based doctor wins Indian award for expatriates

KERALA / SAUDI ARABIA / UAE  (Arabian Gulf)  :

Three Gulf expats among 13 NRI winners of the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Samman’ award

Three Indian expatriates in the Gulf, including an Abu Dhabi-based doctor, have been conferred with an award for Indians living abroad by the government in New Delhi.

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has conferred the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award to 13 non-resident Indians, PIOs and organisations for their contributions to the country of their residence as well as to India in different spheres of activity.

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath receiving the 'Pravasi Bharatiya Samman' Award from Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi.
Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath receiving the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Samman’ Award from Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi.

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath, founder and managing director of Life Line Healthcare Group of Abu Dhabi, won the annual award for his role in developing a major healthcare business in the UAE and in promoting UAE-India ties.

Dr Shamsheer’s healthcare business now covers India, Oman and the UAE and the group has undertaken humanitarian projects like giving free heart surgery to poor children and offering jobs to relatives of the Mangalore air crash victims. He is the youngest entrepreneur to receive this award.

A postgraduate in radiology, Dr Shamsheer was trained in Boston before joining Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi. Starting with a small hospital in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, he now has nine hospitals.

Shihabudeen Vava Kunju, an Indian social worker from Saudi Arabia, is another recipient of the award from the Gulf this year. He won the award for social service and in fostering good relations between India and Saudi Arabia.

Shihabudeen Kottukad of Saudi Arabia receiving the 'Pravasi Bharatiya Samman' Award from Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi.
Shihabudeen Kottukad of Saudi Arabia receiving the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Samman’ Award from Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi.

The third Gulf winner of the award this year is Shihabudeen Kottukad of Saudi Arabia. He won the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award for his social service for Indian expatriates in the kingdom.

Ms Lisa Maria Singh (Australia), Kurian Varghese (Bahrain), Vasdev Chanchlani (Canada), Satnarainsing Rabin Baldewsingh (Netherlands), Bikas Chandra Sanyal (France), Sasindran Muthuvel (Papua New Guinea), Ms. Ela Gandhi (South Africa), Shailesh Lakhman Vara (Britain), Dr. Parthasarathy Chiramel Pillai and Ms. Renu Khator (USA) are the other prominent NRIs who have been given the award this year. Ramakrishna Mission (Fiji) is also in the winners list for its humanitarian and community services on the Pacific Ocean island.

source: http://www.emirates247.com / Emirates 24X7 News /  Home> News> Emirates / by Staff Reporter / Tuesday – January 14th, 2014

Mohammad Riyas elected DYFI president

Kottolli (Kozhikode), KERALA :

Out of the 25 member central secretariat five are women.

Mohammad Riyas
Mohammad Riyas


The 10th national conference of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) ended without any major departure from the tradition of leaders from Kerala and West Bengal becoming president and general secretary of the organization. Mohammad Riyas from Kerala has been selected as the president replacing M.B. Rajesh while incumbent Abhoy Mukherjee retained in the post of  general secretary.

Although the name of Preeti Shekhar from Maharashtra has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the post of president the meeting ended without disturbing the status quo. She will continue to be one of the joint secretaries of the outfit. The meeting also selected an 83-member central committee and a 25-member central secretariat. In the central committee nine are from Kerala. The induction of more women to the DYFI central committee, in tune with the decision to have at least 20 per cent women membership, is one of the major highlights of the Kochi meeting.

Out of the 25 member central secretariat five are women. The women members of the central secretariat included Preeti Shekhar, Deepa, Jerna Deb Burma, Manisha and Vintha. M Swaraj and NM Shamseer from Kerala are also in the 25- member central secretariat of the DYFI. Swaraj is also one of the five joint secretaries.  P.P. Divya, Nithin Kanichery, Biju Kandakkai, S Satheesh, A.A. Rahim, V.P. Rejeena and V.P. Sanu are the other members of the central committee from Kerala. Although the meeting has selected 83-member central committee for the outfit only 70 persons have been inducted to the committee on Sunday. The remaining will be inducted later.

Riyas braved setbacks to hog limelight in career

The DYFI’s  new national president,  Mr P.A. Mohammad Riyas, 40,  has steadily risen in the organisation through dedicated work, though he had suffered setbacks initially.     He started as DYFI unit secretary of Kottooli in Kozhikode and became  the national joint secretary.  Mr Riyas hogged the limelight when he became the LDF candidate in the Lok Sabha election from  Kozhikode in 2009.

Mr Riyas, who hails from  Kottooli in Kozhikode,   was defeated by Mr M.K. Raghavan of the Congress by a margin of  838 votes.  The candidature of Mr Riyas had allegedly caused rift in the party with the official faction choosing him bypassing bigwigs such as Mr V.V. Dakshina Moorthy and Mr P. Sreeramakrishnan.  After the debacle, Mr Riyas   involved himself more deeply in politics and represented the DYFI in prime time channel discussions. He also held various posts in the DYFI,  including as Kozhikode district president, secretary, state vie-president and state joint secretary.

source: http://www.deccanchronicle.co, / Deccan Chronicle / Home> Nation> Politics / by Deccan Chronicle / February 06th, 2017

Bengal awaits the return of two Everesters

Ichhapur (Barrackpore subdivision of North 24 Parganas District), WEST BENGAL :

Kuntal and Sahabuddin during the Everest expedition
Kuntal and Sahabuddin during the Everest expedition


Forty eight hours after they had scaled Mount Everest on Sunday, Shaikh Sahabuddin and Kuntal Karar were flown off to Kathmandu. Families of both of them are now praying hard for the speedy recovery of Karar whose tryst with the mountains has left him battling serious frostbite. However, Karar has assured his family that all is well and he would be back soon to savour home-cooked ‘doi chicken’ with naan.

Sahabuddin, who works in the Metal & Steel Factory of Ichhapur, has become a big hero for his colleagues. “Having scaled many mountains, my husband was always a hero in office. But with the Everest mission, he has become a bigger hero. His office colleagues and bosses are in Kathmandu to receive and congratulate him. Even my father is hoping to come down on May 28 from Kashmir to wish him,” said Sahabuddin’s wife Ruksana, who hails from Kashmir.


His younger brother, Shaikh Salauddin, works as a heating ventilation air conditioning engineer and is proud of his sibling’s achievement. Apparently, two months before the expedition, Sahabuddin underwent a surgery. Yet, nothing could stop him from wanting to reach the Everest. Salauddin is waiting to begin the celebrations back home once he returns. “Whatever happens, we were always sure that he would make the summit,” said Salauddin, who also dreams of scaling the Everest one day.

The family has been told that Sahabuddin is perhaps the first Indian Muslim mountaineer to have scaled the Everest. “We have been living in Ichhapur for 30 years. For us, divisions based on religion, caste or creed don’t matter,” he said.

Sahabuddin’s two-and-a-half-year-old son Shaikh Uzair is excited. He keeps on telling everyone he meets about his father having reached the top of the world. “On Tuesday morning, my husband made a video call at 8.30am. Both of us started crying. There were tears of happiness. He kept on saying that it was our collective good wishes that had helped him reach the Everest. My son was asleep when the first call came. When he later called at 11 am from Kathmandu, the entire family spoke to him,” Ruksana added.

 Initial euphoria of having reached the summit died down when the Karar family heard about Kuntal’s frostbite. On Monday evening, the family got tense after news trickled in about Kuntal being seriously ill. “We couldn’t sleep the whole of Monday night. In the morning, we were thinking of organising funds so that we could reach Kathamandu. But thankfully, he called up at 8.30 in the morning and assured us that he is fine. He even sent us photos from the hospital,” said Kuntal’s sister-in-law Mamomi from their Howrah residence.

Mountaineering has been an addiction for Kuntal. After completing his diploma in engineering, he took up a job before shifting to his own business. “Kuntal’s teacher Anol Das had died in the mountains. A year later, Kuntal had rescued his body. However no amount of persuasion could dissuade him from being smitten by the mountaineering bug,” said his brother, Kanchan.

While at the summit, Kuntal had wanted to use a satellite phone to speak to his family. “But a fellow-mountaineer who had the phone was too exhausted. Kuntal couldn’t ask him to lend the satellite phone so that he could speak to us from there. That’s his only regret,” she said.

source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / News> City News> Kolkata News / by Priyanka Dasgupta / TNN / May 23rd, 2017

MANUU launches online learning channel

Hyderabad, TELANGANA :

University channel on YouTube

Launching learning into cyberspace, the Maulana Azad National Urdu University’s YouTube channel for higher education went live on Tuesday.

The channel, an initiative of the university’s Instructional Media Centre (IMC), is expected to reach over 80,000 students who have enrolled in various courses which are different stages of completion in the distance mode.

University Vice-Chancellor M. Aslam Parvaiz underscored that while the large number of its students stand to benefit through the YouTube channel, the initiative would also reach a larger number of Urdu speakers who are not students.

“The books which we give in form of study material is insufficient these days as there is no teacher. This channel takes the teacher to the student’s house,” Dr. Parvaiz said. The Urdu speaking diaspora of the country in Europe and the USA too would benefit.

Describing the launch of the YouTube channel as a day of liberation of Urdu, Dr. Parvaiz opined that the language has been confined to ‘literary ramps’ and would now be associated with knowledge.

Taking questions from the media on the frequency of generating content, he said that each department is given a schedule to record its videos. The IMC, he said, generates 30 such videos each month. “That is more than one per day. There is a good collection which already exists. This too will be made available,” he said. The IMC will also start making 3-D films soon.

Touching upon how MANUU’s schools would benefit, he said that the second phase of content generation would deal with this aspect.

Also launched at the event were the IMC logo, Cinematheque MANUU Signature Film and MANUU Knowledge Series.

source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Hyderabad / by Staff Reporter / Hyderabad – December 13th, 2017

A road straddling two religions

Chennai, TAMIL NADU :


In an inspired moment, the street in Alwarpet was named after two giants of the legal field, K. Bhashyam Iyengar and Basheer Ahmed Sayeed

Fellow heritage enthusiast and writer, Dr G. Sundaram, wondered as to the origins of Bashyam Basheer Ahmed Street in Alwarpet. Have the signboard painters got it wrong he wondered. But for once they had it right. It is indeed Bashyam Basheer Ahmed Street. And as for its Vaishnavite-Muslim name combination, the explanation is simple — it commemorates two men — K. Bhashyam Iyengar and Basheer Ahmed Sayeed. Both were giants of the legal field.

Bhashyam enrolled as an advocate in 1906. He apprenticed under his father-in-law, the legendary Sir VC Desikachariar, and later worked with leaders such as VV Srinivasa Iyengar and S. Srinivasa Iyengar. He was greatly successful in independent practice as well. He wrote a classic commentary on the Negotiable Instruments Act, while still in the early days of his career and is even now referred to at times as NI Act Bhashyam to distinguish him from the other, Sir V Bhashyam Iyengar.

But it is his services to social causes that earned him immortality. Active in the freedom struggle he was beaten by the police and also sentenced. He took to representing in court, people charged for participating in the independence movement. He was to be a member of the Syndicates of the Madras and Annamalai Universities, a councillor, a member of the Legislature and a minister in the Prakasam Ministry of 1946-47. He died in 1959.

Basheer Ahmed enrolled in the High Court in 1925. An expert in languages and also Islamic law, he rose quickly in practice and was later made a judge of the Madras High Court. He was confirmed as a judge in 1950. Like Bhashyam, he too was actively involved in social causes, one of the prime beneficiaries being the Music Academy, of which he was a member of the executive committee.

It was at his prompting that the Academy purchased its present property. Justice Basheer Ahmed, in 1951, set up the Southern India Education Trust along with a few other prominent Muslims of Madras.

Sixteen acres of land were purchased in the Teynampet area and in 1955, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who greatly admired Basheer Ahmed’s legal acumen and learning, laid the foundation stone of the SIET College, the first of the many SIET institutions. Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed died in 1984.

K. Bhashyam lived in Champaka Vilas, at the intersection of Luz Church Road and Mowbrays (now TTK) Road. That property is a rabbit’s warren of flats now. The other side of Mowbray’s Road, was mainly paddy fields, with the vast Sudder Court (native courts of the 18 century) in the distance. The main court building, Sadr Gardens, was Basheer Ahmed Sayeed’s residence. It still exists, a magnificent pile.

When the surrounding area was developed in the 1940s, roads were laid and one connected Sadr Gardens to Mowbrays Road. In an inspired moment, it was decided to name it after both men and so we have it, Bashyam Basheer Ahmed Street.

Happily, it remains so.

source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Chennai> Hidden Histories / by Sriram  V. / January 02nd, 2013

Battle of Patparganj to Bahadur Shah Zafar’s trial: Delhi’s journey since 1803, at the click of a mouse


A 100-member team of archivists is digitising over 10 crore documents to prevent further loss. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in two years.

A letter from General Lake Sahib to Zaibun Nisa Baigum dated 8 October 1802 at Delhi archives.(Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
A letter from General Lake Sahib to Zaibun Nisa Baigum dated 8 October 1802 at Delhi archives.(Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

On March 9, 1858, a British court declared Delhi’s last king, Bahadur Shah Zafar, guilty of rebellion, treason and murder before exiling him to Rangoon in the then British-controlled Burma. The trial was approved and confirmed a month later by N Penny, major general commanding, Meerut division.

One hundred and fifty nine years later, the 42-day trial conducted at Diwan-e-Khaas of the Red Fort by British prosecutor Major F Harriott lies preserved word for word at the Delhi archives in the form of a hardbound book comprising 262-pages.

Apart from the handwritten trial papers, the Delhi archives is a repository of over 10 crore rare documents comprising Mughal firmans (imperial orders), maps, land acquisition award statements, jail records, manuscripts and government orders narrating the historical and political journey of Delhi since 1803.

So far accessible to only researchers, the treasure trove will soon be just a click away for those interested in the history of the national capital. An ambitious ‘digitisation and microfilming of archival records’ project started by Delhi government is underway with the target of converting 4 crore documents in the first phase by 2020.

An official with a copy of the trial of Bahadur Shah Zafar. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
An official with a copy of the trial of Bahadur Shah Zafar. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

“Some of the records are so old that they might get damaged. So, it is required to preserve them in digital and microfilm formats for posterity,” said Sanjay Garg, the chief archivist of the archives. The Delhi Archives is city’s second repository of records from early 19th century after the National Archives of India.

Mughal firmans to land acquisition for Lutyens Delhi

In September 1803 East India Company’s forces under general Gerard Lake fought the Marathas in what is popular as Battle of Delhi, or Battle of Patparganj — named after the area now in east Delhi.The earliest documents at the Delhi Archives relate to this battle. Thought the British emerged victorious, they allowed Shah Alam II — the blind emperor of Delhi — to issue firmans in Persian language, many of which are also preserved at the archives.

“There are different sizes of royal seals in Persian language depending on the hierarchy in the Mughal courts on the firman with gold marks,” said Ashutosh Kumar Jha, assistant archivist pointing at ‘A letter from General Lake Sahib to Zaib-un-Nisa Baigum’ dating October 8, 1802.

The transfer of power to the British crown in 1958 followed setting up of a new administration and eventually the construction of the new capital, Delhi, in 1912. The Archives also have records of land acquisition during this historic shift of the national capital from Kolkata to Delhi.

“From photographs to award statements of land acquired from the owners, we have rare documents that bear testimony to how the present day Delhi came up,” said Sandeep Singh, assistant archivist. In one of the records dating March 1913, an individual named Ram Das was awarded a compensation of Rs 172, two paisa and nine annas for his 285.38 acre of land acquired by the government in Khanpur. The deal was signed by Kamruddin, revenue assistant, Delhi province.

Documents being scanned for digitisation at Delhi archives. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
Documents being scanned for digitisation at Delhi archives. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

Photographs, titles awarded jail documents, student activism

The repository at the archives includes pictures of construction of historical buildings housing Parliament and Rashtrapati House in early 20th century. Originally called House of Parliament, the Sansad Bhawan was designed by the British architect Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker in 1912-1913 and was constructed between 1921 and 1927.

A poster of a debate being organised by Delhi Students’ Federation on May 29, 1937 at Arabic College Hall (Ajmeri Gate) is in the section of rare documents showing how teachers would support students’ concerns. The debate on why “the proposed scheme of educational reconstruction of Delhi University will be detrimental to the best interest of the students’ community and the cause of education in the country”, had C Eyre Walker, principal Arabic college, S Dutt, principal Ramjas College, and BB Gupta, principal Ramjas inter college among speakers.

A rare document dated April 7, 1912 is testimony to how ‘Khan Bahadur’ title was awarded to one Chaudhari Nabi Ahmed on the occasion of ‘His Majesty, the King- Emperor’s Birthday’.

The Delhi archives is a repository of over 10 crore rare documents comprising Mughal firmans, maps land acquisition statements, jail records, manuscripts and government orders. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
The Delhi archives is a repository of over 10 crore rare documents comprising Mughal firmans, maps land acquisition statements, jail records, manuscripts and government orders. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

Digitising 10 crore rare documents

The project, billed as the largest in Asia, envisages digitisation of 10 crore records stored in the four specially constructed floors of the Delhi Archives building in Qutub Institutional Area. In the first phase, four crore records are expected to be ready and uploaded on the website of the Delhi archives over a span of 30 months at a cost of Rs 25.4 crore.

The project was fist conceived in 2011 but was taken up by the incumbent government on August 31 this year. Led by Garg, a 100-member team of archivists, scholars and employers are busy with the digitisation task using computers and high-end German-made scanners.

“We have got eight scanners for now. We digitise about 50,000 pages each day,” Garg said

A collection of old newspapers at the archives includes a copy of Hindustan Times, Evening News, published on September 25, 1948. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
A collection of old newspapers at the archives includes a copy of Hindustan Times, Evening News, published on September 25, 1948. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

Once digitised, the records would be transformed into microfilms.

“The thumbnails of the records with some information would be available on the website. For higher resolutions, one has to pay,” Garg said

A welcome move

“It’s a welcome move to preserve and digitise records particularly Bahadur Shah Zafar’s trial. The public will know who sided with British and who was with revolutionaries in the first war if Independence,” said historian Rana Safvi, who has translated Zahir Dehlvi’s Dastan-e-Ghadar which comprises eyewitness account of the 1857 uprising against the British

An old invite of Delhi Student Federation, now DUSU (Delhi University Student Union), at Delhi archives. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)
An old invite of Delhi Student Federation, now DUSU (Delhi University Student Union), at Delhi archives. (Vipin Kumar/HT PHOTO)

Established in 1972, the Delhi archives is a repository of non-current records of Delhi government under the department of art and culture. It is responsible for preservation of the archives and making them available research and references.

“We are committed to make knowledge more accessible to the common people. This is an important step towards preserving our precious heritage. While digitisation will ensure preservation of documents, making them available to a larger audience through a website and outreach events will play a key role in dissemination,” said Manish Sisodia, the minister of Art, Culture and Languages.

source: http://www.hindustantimes.com / Hindustan Times / Home> Cities / by Gulam Jeelani, Hindustan Times / December 14th, 2017