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Imran Khan: The new face of Piaggio Vespa S scooter


Piaggio presented the all new Vespa S to the dynamic youth of India. The all new Vespa S is a game changer. And to keep up with the youth quotient; it was Imran Khan who was selected as a face to unveil the Piaggio Vespa S scooter in Mumbai.

This new scooter is the third in series after Vespa and Vespa VX in 2013.The features include a 125cc, 3-valve single-cylinder and air cooled engine. It uses variable spark timing management, 3-phase electrical system and manifold absolute pressure sensing. The all new Vespa boasts of a fresh sporty look with chrome facia, chrome headlight borderline, chrome mirrors and many more chrome touches on the exteriors.

Imran Khan is back in action .And if you are wondering what kept Imran Khan so busy till now? He was lately not so seen in public events and any gathering. He almost disappeared after his last release Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. The actor was on an extended holiday with his wife Avantika who is expecting a baby soon. Imran Khan and Avantika dated for almost nine years before tying the knot in 2011.

“I was on a holiday. From Christmas till two weeks back, I have been on a very, very long extended vacation. So, it’s the last vacation before the baby is born. You obviously know that my wife is pregnant. So, we went on what is called a ‘babymoon’,” said the actor.

“After marriage you go on a honeymoon and before a baby is born you go on a babymoon, it’s the last holiday before you have a child. It was very relaxing,” he added.

His wife Avantika Malik is reportedly expecting their first child in June. And Imran the doting father to be seems to be very excited. He is so exhilarated about the expectant baby that he is doing his bit in order to need to know everything that he is expected as a dad to be.

He genuinely makes extra efforts for the forthcoming new experience and spends endless amount of time researching baby car seats, best crib and all other new things that he is looking forward to.

source: http://www.india.com / Home> Showbiz / by Priya Prakashan@india.com / March 07th, 2014

I will never endorse fairness creams: Aamir Khan

New Delhi :   

One the eve of International Women’s Day, Bollywood star Aamir Khan faced a volley of questions from women journalists, ranging from social causes, to films, to politics, to celebrity endorsements and his diet regime that “makes him look young.”

When asked what he had to say about Bollywood celebrities (Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham) endorsing fairness creams, even for men, and reinforcing stereotypes such as “fair is beautiful”, Khan said “It’s a shame that some people are endorsing and selling these products.” He said he would never do that.

The usually reticent Khan, who has become media-friendly of late, also took great pains to defend his endorsement of aerated drink Coca-cola at a time when pesticide contamination near its bottling plant in Kerala was making news a few years ago.

“I have not been with Coke for 10-15 years now, but at that time I got certain products independently examined through my lawyer and found that pesticide content in Coke was lower than in milk, sugar, tea etc. I think it was because water had pesticide. Reports say that even mother’s milk has pesticide. So, at that time, I could not be dishonest with my decision,” the actor said.

As for water misuse, Khan said no entity, MNC or individual, should be allowed to drain or misuse water. “I am a strong votary of equal distribution of water,” he added.

The actor, who has just launched the second part of his television talk show Satyamev Jayate, got defensive when asked whether the team needed to do more follow-up work on the social issues raised in the show to gain more credibility. Citing the instance of falling number of female foeticide in Punjab after his show on the issue was aired two years back, Khan said even if one girl child survived because of the awareness created by the show, it was worth it. “I have spent two years on the show…the time I could have used on other activities, including spending it with my children. What have you (the critics) done?” he asked.

Parrying questions about his political leanings after sharing the dais with Anna Hazare during the anti-graft agitation and putting in a good word for Arvind Kejriwal, the actor ruled out joining politics. “I am an entertainer and have a social responsibility, which I will strive to fulfil from where I am right now,” he said.

The actor also hedged a question on who he saw as the next Prime Minister — Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal. “Taking a name will not be right in a democracy, but I feel people should not look for messiahs outside, but within themselves. Till that day comes, nothing will change drastically. As of now, no single party instils confidence in me,” he added.

source:  http://www.thehindubusinessline.com / Business Line / Home> News / by Our Bureau / New Delhi – March 07th, 2014

Whole Lotta Saif


A library with books ranging from Ustinov and Wodehouse to a French dictionary, a Mandela biography and even a Dan Brown novel, occupies prominent space in the study of actor Saif Ali Khan. His Padma Shri and the National Award adorn one wall in the room, while a framed picture of Clint Eastwood gazes at you from another corner. A giant mounted television and an accompanying sound system are indicative of the vinyl-collecting actor’s interest in a complete audio-visual experience.

Saif walks in and profusely apologises for a short wait. Clad in a simple white kurta-pyjama, the bespectacled actor makes for a comfortable picture, his boyish smile not once betraying the kind of hectic day he’s having.
Within a few hours, he’d be on a flight to Mauritius following which he would make his way to a month-long shooting schedule in the US. Even so, his excitement is infectious as he takes me to a wall that proudly displays the iconic image of Jimmy Page, the legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist, using a violin bow on his guitar.

“This is    an enlarged version of the original that I have. The picture was taken by Terry O’Neill and I blew it up to frame it and place it here,” he says, beamingly.

Whether or not he has a blockbuster in his kitty, his has always been the image of a guitar-totting star. Even before Bollywood fans discovered rock music through the works of Vishal-Shekhar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy or even films like Rock On!! Saif was the only Bollywood actor to have toured with a band (India’s premier rock outfit Parikrama in this case) and performed at concerts that had little to do with any filmi promotions. He is modest about his skills and agrees that his Bollywood connection has helped fans overlook the fact that he isn’t all that gifted with the guitar. “It’s probably true that I can get away with playing mediocre music because I’m a Bollywood star. I should have practised much more over the years. But when people say that my playing is rubbish, I think that’s a bit unfair, though perhaps their condescension is understandable. However, it’s safe to say that for many years I was the only actor who knew how to hold a guitar let alone play it!” he laughs, uproariously.

Mornings in the Khan household, he says, usually mean Saif, wife Kareena Kapoor and Elvis the doggie taking in a healthy dose of jazz along with their breakfast. The actor is a big fan of this genre of music along with rock, blues and classical. He doesn’t like his music too “aggressive” and admits to knowing little about the burgeoning EDM scene. His musical education started rather early. In fact, during one of his musical appreciation classes in school, he was even made to watch the movie version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. “The first group that interested me was Deep Purple. I was going to a grown up school in England after prep school. One of my seniors was strumming a guitar,” he says and starts to hum the tune while subconsciously breaking into air guitar mode. “He said he was playing a song called Black Night. I fell in love with it immediately. I had obviously heard music before but this is when I fell in love with rock.”

Incidentally, Saif’s best friend in school was the son of Paul Samwell-Smith, founding member and bassist of English rock band Yardbird. Although he was taking guitar lessons, he tried his hand at vocals but his teachers discovered early on that Saif was probably “tone-deaf” or some variant of it. “It doesn’t come naturally to me. I can’t tune a guitar, at least some frequencies. Of the five strings of the guitar E-A-D-G-B, I’m fine with EADG. The tuning area for the B string is slightly different to the rest. I just can’t tune that well. It’s not like I can’t hear it but I don’t seem to hear it correctly. I can’t make sense out of it,” he says, bemused with his condition yet grateful for electronic tuners.

If school initiated him into rock, it was his mother, the illustrious actress Sharmila Tagore, who introduced him to a lot of musical luminaries. He recalls, “My mum was very hip with music. She was into soul, Motown, funk; admired singers like Eartha Kitt and Ella Fitzgerald. She had great speakers and a good record player.” The first CD Saif ever bought was ZZ Top’s Eliminator when his mother took him shopping.

Even as he credits his mother for being a musical influence, the one feature that he didn’t pick up from his father was, incidentally, his taste in music. The late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was an avid ghazal listener, a genre of music Saif till date can’t seem to get his head around. “Ghazals, albeit beautiful songs, can be a bit too melancholic for my liking. We went to a Begum Akhtar concert at the Pakistani embassy in Delhi once with my father, when I was about 12 years old. I was sitting behind him or on his bad side, he couldn’t see me on his right. A lot of elders were going all ‘Wah! Wah!’ during the performance. So even I started doing that. I kept doing it until someone or probably my dad told me to shut up!” he guffaws.

Thankfully for him, Kareena and he have grown to sharing some musical tastes. Saif plays the guitar for her sometimes though he admits to his tendency to play the same AC/DC songs and a few others all the time. “She says I should practise more. She likes it when I play the guitar. Once, early on in our relationship, she had asked me to turn down the music because she was talking to someone. Today she can’t start her morning without jazz! She once told me that she learnt so much from me without having been consciously taught. I, in fact, feel the same with her.”

A Zen-like calmness seeps into his face when he talks about her. He admits that at 43, he’s experiencing a personal stability after years of trying to do many things. When Saif finished his A-levels, he told his parents he wanted to be an actor. “They were mortified. I wasn’t adamant but I was pretty stupid, yet incredibly lucky,” he says, before acknowledging his spate of flops that went on for years. “I never thought I’d stop doing films. I didn’t think I had much of a choice. I didn’t go to University, so what would I have done apart from films? With my qualifications, I would’ve been a farm manager at Pataudi! I had so many opportunities to learn from my mistakes. It was a bit depressing and I really wasn’t enjoying much of the work I did then. I learnt what not to do and I worked hard to try and better myself. Dil Chahta Hai was the gamechanger. That gave me a new lease of life,” he says, with the pride of a man who despite all odds, didn’t give up.

Ironically, Saif admits to being quite the escapist. And that trait extends even into his love for music, a constant companion through all of his struggles. “I don’t like to connect with too much drama. I have enough in my life, like most others do. Connecting to pain through music is something I find rather painful and highly avoidable. I’d rather listen to something happy,” he laughs.

source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com / Deccan Chronicle – Sunday Chronicle / Home> Comment / by DC Correspondent / March 01st, 2014

Shah Rukh Khan meets former Mexican President

Shah Rukh Khan with Vicente Fox and Martha Fox.
Shah Rukh Khan with Vicente Fox and Martha Fox.

Shah Rukh Khan and former Mexican President Vicente Fox met on the sets of Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd’s film ‘Happy New Year’ on Feb 11, which is currently being shot in RK Studios in Mumbai. Fox was accompanied by his wife, Martha Fox, and the current Mexican ambassador to India Jamie Nualart. They discussed everything from Bollywood films, to things about Mexico and the importance of education. 

About the meeting, Fox said, “We have been visiting many places, but meeting SRK and talking to him we feel he is a great person. The set is fabulous and the activity is just amazing. We hope that Mr Shah Rukh Khan would visit us at Mexico some day.” Well, no-one ever doubted SRK’s diplomatic skills!

source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / Home> Entertainment> Hindi> Bollywood / by Reza Noorani, TNN / February 13th, 2014

Aamir Khan’s step-brother debuts in Bollywood

Another Khan is all set to make his acting debut.

Aamir Khan’s step-brother, Hyder Khan, will be foraying into Bollywood with Dil Toh Dewaana Hai .

Hyder Khan
Hyder Khan

Son of late filmmaker  Tahir Hussain  from his second wife, the young actor was inspired by his father to join the industry. The youngest Khan also learnt the ropes while working under Tahir Hussain as a production controller.

source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / Home> Entertainment> Hindi> Bollywood / TNN / February 04th, 2014